Helpful Tips For Firefighters Buying Rescue Saw Blades

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Helpful Tips For Firefighters Buying Rescue Saw Blades

24 March 2020
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When people get stuck in structures or vehicles, firefighters often have to use rescue saws to cut through the blockage. If you work in this profession, then you'll probably want to stock up on fire rescue saw blades. Purchasing them will be easy if you utilize these tips. 

Look For Depth Indicators

When you're using a rescue saw as a firefighter, you often need to know how deep you're cutting. You wouldn't want to cut too close to the nearby person, after all, and potentially injure them. It is thus a good idea to get rescue saw blades with depth indicators.

They'll let you see exactly how deep you're cutting the entire time. Then once you start reaching the right depth necessary to move through various materials, you can stop and keep the person nearby completely safe and sound. 

Get Multi-Purpose Application

As a firefighter, you never really know what sort of materials or structures you'll be cutting through. Sometimes it will be metal, and in other instances, it will be concrete. As a result, it's important to look for fire rescue saw blades with a multi-purpose design.

You then won't be limited to what you can cut through. This opens up your cutting operations to so many possibilities, which at the end of the day, is important for saving as many lives as possible. There are plenty of blades that can cut through metal, concrete, and even steel.

Make Sure Design is Heavy-Duty

No matter what sort of fire rescue saw blades you purchase for your firefighter operations, you probably want the blades to hold up for as long as possible. You then won't have to worry about replacing them as often, and they'll work when you need them the most.

Actively look for saw blades that are described as heavy-duty. These blades are made with long-lasting materials, and special techniques are used during manufacturing to ensure the blades hold up for as long as possible. You may pay more for this heavy-duty design, but at least you can have more confidence in your saw blades working during the more important times.

Fire rescue saws are pivotal resources for firefighters today, and they can only work if the right saw blades are purchased for them. There are many options, but with the right insights and patience, you can choose heavy-duty fire rescue saw blades that end up becoming a great investment for years to come.