3 Reasons To Buy Aircraft Tires For Your Farming Equipment

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3 Reasons To Buy Aircraft Tires For Your Farming Equipment

25 March 2020
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Running a farm is hard work. Luckily, you can rely on different types of industrial equipment to get hard farming work done. Much of your equipment, such as tractors and bulldozers, likely utilize tires to properly function. Standard farming tires will get the job done, but there are many good reasons to consider utilizing aircraft tires on your various pieces of large farming equipment instead. Here are just a few:

Carry Heavier Loads

Installing airplane tires on your farming equipment will allow you to carry heavier loads without having to worry about popping a tire or damaging it in some other way. Airplane tires are designed to carry tons of weight – much more than a traditional tractor or forklift tires can.

So you should be able to carry twice as much mulch to your farm plots at one time, which should help save you lots of time during the workday while also optimizing production levels for your farming business overall. And you can carry things, like large trees and even building supplies for your farm outhouses, that you normally wouldn't be able to when using traditional tires for your farming equipment.

Reduce the Risk of Damage

Installing airplane tires on your industrial farming equipment can help reduce the risk of damaging your equipment as time goes on. Tractor and bulldozer tires are pretty big, but not nearly as big as airplane tires. So airplane tires will give your equipment more clearance over the ground.

When you drive over rocks, hills, and other obstacles, you won't have to worry about your equipment getting scraped or bumped along the way which could cause damage to the equipment and result in the need for repairs that could have been prevented.

Save Some Money Over Time

Airplane tires are not only bigger than traditional farming equipment tires, but they are also quite a bit thicker. They are designed to handle the weight and transition of take-offs and landings on the airline runways, so they can hold up to lots of wear and tear over time. You can expect your airplane tires to last longer than traditional farming equipment tires, which means that you'll likely save some money on tires in the coming decades. That saved money can better be used to upgrade your equipment and farm as necessary. To learn more information about aircraft tires for farming equipment, reach out to a company such as Farm Landings LLC.