Need Containers For Your Wholesale Water Ice Business? Get What You Need From A Plastic Pail Supplier

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Need Containers For Your Wholesale Water Ice Business? Get What You Need From A Plastic Pail Supplier

1 April 2020
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Upon recently opening your wholesale water ice business, you might have realized you need to have much larger containers for your customers who are putting in large orders. A plastic pail supplier will have the right products for you to use when you need to fill containers with different water ice flavors and send them to your clients. You can get an abundance of pails at a reasonable cost when buying from a supplier.

Select the Pail Sizes 

Clients come to you to purchase pails of water ice in all different sizes. You will need to have a variety of sizes to offer to accommodate each client's needs. The plastic pail supplier will have plastic pails in numerous sizes, such as:

  • Five Gallons
  • Two Gallons
  • One Gallon
  • 1/2 Gallon

Larger options are ideal for clients who receive a lot of business and need to keep up with the demand for water ice at their establishments. New clients who would like to try your product for the first time when giving it to their customers may want to purchase the water ice in smaller pails, such as a 1/2 gallon or one-gallon container. When you get your items from the supplier, you will never run out of different sizes to offer your clients.

Pick the Color of Your Plastic Pails

The plastic pails from the supplier will come in different colors. Some will have lids of different colors attached to them. The lids of the plastic pails may range in shades from white to red, blue, yellow, and green. You might not have a preference when it comes to the colors of the plastic pails you will use for your wholesale water ice business. If you do have a preference, you can pick out exactly what you need.

Have Labels Created and Attach Them to the Pails

Once you buy your plastic pails from the supplier, you can have labels created with your business name, contact information, and the flavor of the water ice included. Make sure the labels are designed in different sizes to conveniently fit perfectly on both sides of these plastic pails. You may then stick the labels to them and begin selling your plastic pails full of water ice to your clients.

If you are running a wholesale water ice business and you sell your product to many other business owners, you need to have secure containers to use for the water ice. Contact a plastic pail supplier to get hundreds of pails in different sizes and colors for your clients to receive when they put in their orders.