Helpful Features To Look For In An Industrial Dolly For Material Transportation

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Helpful Features To Look For In An Industrial Dolly For Material Transportation

6 April 2020
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If you move a lot of materials and gear around an industrial site, you'll need a good dolly. It can support a lot of weight and reduce lifting effort on your part. There are a lot of great industrial dollies on the marketplace, but by looking for these features, you can make a great investment.


There will be times when this industrial dolly is exposed to the elements outside. You thus need to make sure the dolly can hold up in these environments so that you're not having to replace this piece of equipment on a regular basis. That would be costly.

You can feel better about your industrial dolly lasting when left outside when it has a powder-coat. It makes the dolly completely weather-resistant. So even if it gets rained on or dirty, the dolly will retain its structural integrity. You also don't have to worry about rusting, which happens a lot for dollies made out of metal.

Textured Face Plate

The face plate is what you'll be using to hold materials and cargo on the dolly. Since the dolly will be in motion, it's a good idea to look for a face plate with a textured design. It will help grip items better when they're being transported by the industrial dolly.

Even if you take corners fast or stop abruptly, the textured face plate will keep cargo items in place. That's important for not causing damage to the precious cargo you're hauling, as well as preventing serious injuries around the work site.

Convertible Design

There will be times when you have a wide variety of things to haul around a work site. It is thus a good idea to find an industrial dolly with a convertible design. For smaller items like boxes, you can use the two-wheel portion of the dolly.

Then when you want to move larger items, you can fold the dolly down to where it's on four wheels. You'll thus have greater surface area to work with. The convertible design opens up your moving operations to so many things and saves you from having to purchase multiple dollies.

Having a dolly on a work site is paramount if you move a lot of items to and from different areas. Finding the right fit for your operations isn't hard. You just need to spend time assessing your particular work operations and looking for dolly features that are impactful. 

For more information, contact an industrial equipment and supplies company with machinery dollies available.