Things To Know Before Renting Heavy Duty Equipment

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Things To Know Before Renting Heavy Duty Equipment

8 April 2020
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It could be that your own equipment has broken down or perhaps a new project requires equipment you do not own. There are a number of reasons you may need the use of a piece of heavy equipment. Regardless of the reason, there are a few things you need to consider before calling the rental company. Having the following information ready and available will ensure you get the correct piece of equipment and any accessories needed for the job you need done.


If you are renting a piece of machinery that is already in use in your business, there is no doubt you will have someone capable of operating it. However, if you are going to rent a machine or vehicle that is not normally used by your employees, you should ask the rental company if they can send an operator with it. While this will add to the cost of the rental, it will be better than having to send someone to school to learn to operate the machine or hire someone outside of the rental company. In addition, if you were to allow an untrained employee to operate the machine and something went wrong, you would be responsible for all repairs.


Heavy equipment and accessories come in different sizes to be able to fit where they need to go. While you might think it would be best to get the largest unit to get the most work done in the least amount of time, it will do you know good if the machine cannot fit. If the machine will be used inside, make sure the ceiling is tall enough, there is enough space to move the unit into the building, and the unit can be operated safely in the space allotted. When using the equipment outside, make sure there are no trees or buildings in the way that can keep the machine from operating correctly.

Another thing to consider about the location is whether the ground is stable enough for the equipment or if the flooring in the building can hold the weight of the unit. It is possible you will need to reinforce the area to ensure the equipment does not fall through the floor, sink into the ground, or damage any pipes or tanks that are under the ground the equipment will be moving across.


Some heavy-duty equipment is only needed for a specific portion of a project. When you're making arrangements to rent a unit, it is important to know when the project will be at the stage where the piece of equipment will be needed. You do not want to waste money keeping a piece of equipment around, waiting to be used. However, you also do not want to have to stop the project while waiting for the piece of equipment needed to continue. Consider the timeline for the entire project and when the heavy equipment is needed, and set up the rental agreement for that time.

Renting heavy-duty equipment can save you from having to spend a huge amount of money. Even if you must keep the equipment for a month or more, it is going to be less expensive than buying one. This allows you to complete projects that would be time-consuming or that could not be completed at all without the piece of equipment. Plan the project well and consider everything about the location and what you need done. Then, contact the heavy-duty equipment rental company and make arrangements for the equipment and any required accessories to be ready or delivered when you need them. If something happens and you need to push back the rental date, contact the company as soon as you realize there is a problem. This way, the company can rent the unit to someone else until you need it.