Top Specifications To Look For When Purchasing Hot Tar Hoses

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Top Specifications To Look For When Purchasing Hot Tar Hoses

21 May 2020
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You might have purchased and used hot tar hoses in the past, and those hoses might now be worn-out or they might not have worked properly for your needs. You might be buying hot tar hoses for the first time, such as if you are just starting up a paving company of your own or if you are opening some other type of business that works with hot liquids. Now that you are shopping for hot tar hoses, you should pay close attention to the specifications for each hose that you are thinking about buying. Some of the main specifications that you will want to pay attention to are listed here.


First of all, you should pay attention to the diameter of the hot tar hoses that you are looking at. A hose that is wider in diameter will be able to move a lot more tar at one time. This can be a good thing if you're working on bigger projects and will be working with a lot of tar at one time. However, a hose that is too big can cause problems when you are working on smaller projects since the tar might come out more quickly than you can use it. In many cases, it's a good idea to have multiple tar hoses of different diameters; then, you can grab the hose that is right for the project that you are working on.


You should also look at the length measurements for any hot tar hoses that you are looking at. In many cases, choosing longer hoses is a good idea; then, you will be able to cover more distance without worrying about connecting multiple hoses together, which can increase the chances of leaks. Longer hoses can be particularly helpful when you are working in a large area.

Heat Rating

Naturally, hot tar hoses are designed for use with hot tar and other hot liquids. However, some of these hoses are better insulated and are made from more durable materials, meaning that they can be used with hotter substances. Consider the temperature of tar or other liquids that you normally work with, and make sure that you choose a hot tar hose that is able to handle these temperatures. Then, you can prevent the hot tar hose from melting or otherwise being damaged.

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