3 Reasons Every Livestock Farm Should Have Vet-Grade Disinfectant

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3 Reasons Every Livestock Farm Should Have Vet-Grade Disinfectant

28 May 2020
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When you have a business that deals with animals on a daily basis like a livestock farm does, it is a must that you run a clean operation to protect the health of your investments. Making sure you keep good quality vet disinfectant products on hand at all times is important. Take a look at some of the reasons every livestock farmer should have vet disinfectant around and readily available on their farm operation.

Disinfect areas after you've had issues with animal illness.

As a livestock farmer, illness among your animals is something that has to be handled carefully. Just one sick animal with a contagious illness can easily sicken an entire herd, flock, or group. Pulling the animal from the group for treatment is common, but you still must disinfect any area where the animal was housed to keep the rest of your livestock from contracting an illness. For example, if you have a chicken that has avian flu, you need to quarantine the bird from the rest of the flock and disinfect the nesting areas, roosting areas, and feeding areas to prevent the rest of the flock from getting sick. 

Disinfect stalls where new livestock will be contained. 

When you bring new livestock to your farm, they are not yet acclimated to the agents that can be present. Therefore, it can be important to have a more sterile area to keep them when they first arrive, especially if you are dealing with poultry like chickens or turkeys or if you are bringing in relatively young mammals. When you know you will be bringing in new animals, use vet disinfectant products to clean out stalls or housing areas well so the livestock will be coming into a clean environment. 

Disinfect feeders and waterers to prevent fungal or bacterial contamination. 

Imagine how many germs, bacteria, and junk could be found on the surface of a bowl if you and your entire family used it daily to drink or eat from without washing it. Even though livestock can be far more resilient to illness contracted from these typical types of agents, their feeding and watering containers can still get pretty dirty, and they can contribute to health issues with a herd or flock. Use vet disinfectant to clean the vessels periodically to get rid of agents like fungi that can collect in water vessels and bacteria in food containers and feeders.