3 Home Heating Oil Delivery Tips

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3 Home Heating Oil Delivery Tips

9 June 2020
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The briskness of wintertime forces you to really look at your heating options. Home comfort is the most important in the winter. Home heating oil delivery is a really easy way to keep your home warm without it costing a lot or requiring a lot of you.

1. What kinds of home heating oil are you thinking about using?

Kerosene, natural gas, propane, and red diesel are some of the most common types of heating oil. Kerosene is also referred to as 28-second oil, so if you hear this phrase you'll know what you're dealing with. When these different kinds of fuel are processed to heat your house, they are infused with hydrocarbons so that they are better able to do the job.

The kind of home heating oil you get is a matter that the majority of homeowners will need to contemplate. The U.S. Energy Information Administration studies explain that 5.5 million households use heating oil in the winter and fall. Eighty-two percent of those households are located in the northeast, where 20-degree days are the average in the winter season.

2. What should you do to get home heating oil deliveries?

Deliveries make home heating oil easy to use. You pay for a set amount either at the beginning of the winter season or at different scheduled times. If you are going to get home oil delivery you should clear space out in front of your heating oil tank. This makes it safer for your delivery driver to come and be able to do their job. They may also have some requirements before they will make a delivery.

3. When do you know you have found the right home heating oil company?

The price of your home heating oil is probably the first and most important thing that you'll need to decide on. Prices are driven by the market, but heating oil companies also have some wiggle room for what they offer. For example, New Yorkers pay around $2.29–$3.23/gallon on their home heating oil.

Think about your options outside of traditional companies when you're shopping for heating oil as well. Joining a home heating oil co-op is an option for lower-income residents or households wanting to save. Keep learning ways to use your home heating oil the most effectively by buying tune-ups for your boiler.

Heating oil deliveries can make it better for your home to get by in the winter. Contact a home heating oil delivery service in your area to learn more.