Tips When Buying Sanitary Fittings For Steel Tubing

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Tips When Buying Sanitary Fittings For Steel Tubing

7 May 2021
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If you require steel tubing that needs to be easy to clean, then sanitary steel tubing is probably what you'll end up purchasing. So that you can effectively support it around your worksite, you'll also need to get sanitary fittings. They are easy to buy if you know what to look for.

Ensure You're Buying From a Sanitary Provider

In order to properly support sanitary steel tubing that is easy to clean and keep clean, you need fittings that are also sanitary. You won't have to question this design of fittings if you only buy from a sanitary fitting provider.

You can trust their fittings have a sanitary design because their fitting inventory will have a sanitary certification. Whereas if you purchased from a standard tube fitting supplier, you may have a hard time verifying which fittings are sanitary and which ones are not. 

Make Sure Purity Standards are Maintained Throughout Shipping

So that you can feel confident your steel sanitary fittings will remain sanitary all throughout shipping, you need to carefully look over the shipping protocol used by steel sanitary fitting shippers. Do they have packaging materials that can properly support these fittings without contamination becoming a major factor?

Make sure you get this confirmation before ordering these fittings to support your steel tubing, whether its cap ends or clamps to hold steel tubes together properly. The supplier should know what sanitary fittings are potentially vulnerable to during shipment so that the right protections can be put in place. 

Go With the Appropriate Environment Grade

If you want no issues with how your sanitary fittings work once they're set up on different sanitary steel tubes, make sure you get fittings that have the appropriate environment grade. Then you know the manufacturer took every step to ensure the fittings support the environment they'll be surrounded by on a consistent basis. 

For instance, if you're purchasing sanitary fittings to go on tubing around a commercial kitchen, then you want to make sure that it is verified as kitchen-grade somewhere in the description. That will keep these fittings performing great and not taking a lot of damage.

To properly support steel tubing with a sanitary design, you'll need to carefully purchase sanitary fittings. They won't cause you more trouble than they're worth in your search if you can take negative variables out of the buying equation, such as incompatible environments and faulty shipping methods used.