Impactful Features To Seek Out In A Cable Granulator

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Impactful Features To Seek Out In A Cable Granulator

16 August 2021
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In order to properly break down wire cables for recycling purposes, a machine you'll need to use is a granulator. It saves you a ton of effort and increases safety when carrying out this type of recycling. If you plan on purchasing one of these machines, you should look for a couple of features.

Sound-Proof Cutting Chamber

The cutting chamber is where cables will be chopped up into tiny bits, but to better control the sound that comes from this area, try getting a cable granulator with a sound-proof cutting chamber. That's going to make a difference in how convenient the recycling process is to complete.

Regardless of where the cable granulator is set up, you don't want to have to worry about creating noise pollution and affecting other operations that are going on in the same area. You'll have relatively quiet performance for as long as the granulator runs if you invest in one with a sound-proof cutting chamber.

Long-Lasting Blades

You can turn wire cables into tiny granules because these granulators have blades that perform cutting actions. In order to keep your granulator working great for a long time, make sure that you get a recycling machine with long-lasting blades.

The blades should feature durable materials and a design that can continue supporting different cable characteristics that come your way. If you can find blades with this design, you won't have to perform as much maintenance with a cable granulator, nor will you have to spend as much replacing these components.

Self-Cleaning Mechanism

It's natural for cable granulators to get dirty with things like dust and debris. These things tend to build up when you recycle old and dirty wire cables. That won't be a problem, however, if you get a cable granulator with a self-cleaning mechanism.

After you get done turning wire cables into tiny granules, you can activate this feature and dirt and residue that have collected will be removed. That saves you from having to go in and manually clean components that are dirty. Ultimately, you'll have a pretty straightforward maintenance process to enjoy when your cable granulator has one of these systems.

Recycling wire cables is going to be a lot easier when you invest in a cable granulator that automates this entire process. Just make sure you find a granulator that is strategically set up to give you trouble-free wire cable recycling time and time again. You can then take your recycling efforts to new heights.

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