Key Replacement Tips For Hydraulic Cylinders

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Key Replacement Tips For Hydraulic Cylinders

12 August 2022
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Hydraulic cylinders — like a lot of other hydraulic components — aren't going to last forever. They will face structural issues that can't effectively be restored with repairs and rebuilds. If you're at this point with your cylinders, make sure you replace them in the following ways.

Get Confirmation From a Hydraulic Specialist

Even if you know a lot about hydraulic components, it's still a good idea to verify with a professional that your hydraulic cylinder needs to be replaced. Then you'll have absolute certainty this investment is needed and thus won't feel remorse about it whatsoever.

A hydraulic specialist can either inspect your cylinder in person to review its condition or you can give them condition details over the phone. Either way, the professional will be completely objective when talking about the necessity of replacing this component. If it's truly necessary, you'll get confirmation and then can start looking at cylinder replacement options. 

Be Specific When Going the Custom Route

There are a lot of people that decide to purchase custom hydraulic cylinder replacements because they give them the chance to address issues they experienced with the cylinders being replaced. If you plan on doing the same, make sure you're specific with how these cylinders are customized.

You need to make sure they're made from optimal materials, fit your hydraulic system perfectly, and can resist particular environmental conditions. You should discuss these matters with a skilled hydraulic cylinder manufacturer who's experienced with custom development. They'll make sure each aspect of your cylinders is well-planned and ultimately leads to optimal cylinder performance.

Perform Trial Tests Post-Installation

Once you find hydraulic cylinder replacements you like and they're set up on your system, it's a good idea to perform some trial tests. They'll help you verify the cylinders are working great before you start performing rigorous actions with a hydraulic system.

You just need to make sure you monitor the right aspects of these cylinders while they're being tested, such as the temperature and pressure ranges they reach. If you don't see anything wrong with these performance specs, you can trust there aren't any defects and setup went according to plan.

If you have to replace hydraulic cylinders on a system, you need to focus on a high-quality variety and see to it that your replacements are set up perfectly. Then you'll have all the controls in place that you need for optimal hydraulic cylinder performance.

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