Hand Trucks For Material Handling Operations—Key Investment Tips To Remember

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Hand Trucks For Material Handling Operations—Key Investment Tips To Remember

8 March 2023
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If you have a work site where a lot of material handling goes on, you'll need equipment to support these operations. Hand trucks are some of the most useful because of the amount of weight they can support and the ease with which they are used. If you need to buy a new one for your site, remember these investment tips. 

Think About What You Need to Haul 

To make sure you buy a hand truck that's built the right way and comes equipped with optimal features, you need to figure out what materials you plan to handle with it. Will it be multiple boxes filled with products or do you need to move custom crates? Take your time to think about these materials. Study their properties effectively until you can buy an accommodating hand truck that works for your operations perfectly. You'll also be able to buy a specific hand truck a lot quicker because you know how it needs to be designed and ultimately perform.

Make Sure Stairs Are Supported 

If you have stairs inside your facility where material handling operations take place, then you may need to move a hand truck up and down them every now and then. In that case, look for a hand truck that can support stairs effectively and safely—so that you and other operators don't have trouble with movement.

Fortunately, a lot of hand trucks today have multiple wheels on the bottom. The more there are, the easier it will be to move a hand truck up and down stairs with little effort. Then you can avoid fatigue and also remain safe when using this material handling equipment around stairs.

Look for a Material That Provides Ample Protection

If one of your goals with a hand truck is to have it last a long time—regardless of the environment it's surrounded by—then you need to focus on the material that it's made of. Try to find an option that provides good durability that you won't have to second-guess at any point.

There are a couple of options you might consider for this hand truck, including aluminum and steel. Both materials are durable and won't experience weathering, even when exposed to extreme outside conditions.

If you need to engage in material handling operations each day, you could benefit tremendously from a new hand truck. That's particularly true if you focus on the right model, which is easy if you make the proper assessments throughout your selection process. 

Contact a local material handling equipment supplier to learn more about hand trucks.