Condenser Tube Plugs: Things to Consider Before You Buy

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Condenser Tube Plugs: Things to Consider Before You Buy

16 September 2020
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If you are operating an industrial setup that involves large condensers, there can be times when the condensers have an opening or leak that needs to be plugged. Knowing how to find the right condenser tube plug from a supplier is going to ensure you do not run into further problems. Here is a look at just a few things to consider before you start browsing the many plugs available. 

What is the operating pressure of the tube plug?

The operating pressure tells you how much pressure the plug can withstand before it would pop out of place. Some manufacturers do not always readily provide the operating pressure, but the best-designed units will definitely have this information clearly states on the product specs because it is an important attribute to consider. If you have a larger condenser line with high-pressure fluids or gases running through, you will need a plug secure enough to withstand that pressure. 

What is the outer diameter of the opening you intend to plug?

The standard condenser tube plug comes with two parts: the ring and the pin. The outer diameter of the ring needs to match the outer diameter of the opening in the condenser that you are plugging pretty closely for your efforts to be effective. You can get a general measurement using a measuring tape to check the opening in the condenser. Simply match your measurements to the outer diameter of the ring of the tube plug kit to get the best fit. 

What is the maximum operating temperature of the plug?

The maximum operating temperature is usually given as a defined temperature range. It is critical to know the plug you are installing is going to stand up to the heat generated while the condenser is in operation. Not doing so can lead to a rapid deterioration of the plug's components. Some plugs have rubberized seals or outer collars. These are obviously not designed to withstand the same levels of heat as something like a full-metal plug. 

Will the plug need to be used on a permanent solution?

Plugs may either be used for temporary plugging needs or as something necessary for a longer-term solution. However, not all tubes are designed for permanent use; they will degrade faster than plugs designed for temporary use. You must consider your application, the condenser itself, and what you are expecting from the plug itself. 

For more information, consult with a condenser plug supplier.