How to Shop for an Optimal Planetary Mixer for Industrial Mixing

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How to Shop for an Optimal Planetary Mixer for Industrial Mixing

17 November 2020
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When industrial components need to be mixed, a good way to achieve the desired consistency is using a planetary mixer. It can cut down on labor and deliver optimal mixing results. You'll enjoy yours consistently if you know how to shop for this specialty mixing equipment.

Ensure Exceptional Wall Clearance Is Provided 

Whatever solution you plan on using with a planetary mixer, you don't want the solution collecting on the side of the walls. This will hinder mixing results and then you may not be happy with the solution at the end. You can account for this problem by going with a planetary mixer that has exceptional wall clearing abilities.

The mixer should have specialized blades that can reach along the sides to keep solutions from collecting, but the blades won't come too close to the walls where excessive rubbing and structural damage takes place.

Consider Rubber Inserts for Feet

The blades spinning in the planetary mixer can create a lot of momentum, which you don't want affecting the stability of the mixer because then you could have performance issues. Rather, you want the mixer to stay in place no matter how fast the blades inside rotate.

Rubber feet inserts can help with this. The rubber will grip onto whatever surface you place the mixer on and keep movement to a minimum. This will aid in your mixing quality too because there won't be outside interference. Minimal vibration also is key in preventing excessive wear from occurring. 

Make Sure Remote Cleaning Is Offered

After you get done using the planetary mixer around your industrial site, you'll need to clean components so that the mixer is ready to perform great the next time it's used. You'll have easy cleaning if you ensure the mixer has a remote cleaning design.

This means you can take parts out of the mixer and clean them at any location you want. You won't have to haul the entire mixer around. You'll also be able to spot-clean certain components depending on which ones are the dirtiest after mixing has taken place. This saves you a lot of unnecessary cleaning. 

Industrial planetary mixers are compatible with a lot of solutions like chemicals and ceramic dough. For best results, you want to know what to get out of this special device. Take time looking at your worksite, operations, and mixing needs, and then you can make a suitable purchase. 

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